Phone Listings From Area Code 701-842 State Of North Dakota

  • Area Code : 701-842
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Reservation Telephone Coope...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Watford City
  • County: McKenzie

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Latest Comments for 701-842

July 15 9:22 am
I called my cell phone using Skype to check my messages and this was the number that showed up on my phone :661-748-0240.

August 26 12:10 am
Just got another call from the Houston number (got the San Antonio call a few weeks ago). After the 1st call from San Antonio, I googled the number and read these comments, just waiting for them to call back and have some fun. Anyway, Alex Smith from Houston IRS called (thick Indian accent) and word for word told me the exact same thing as the prior call. I heard what he had so say asked a few questions about the fine/penalty. I heard him ask someone else and He said it was $11,100.99. I asked if I could send payment by mail or pay by CC over the phone. I thought I heard him fall out of his chair. Anyway, after he asked me for my CC number, I told him it was 4416-go F himself. He paused and started to berate me in a low voice. I went off on him like a drunken sailor, he didnt stand a chance. Long story short, he finally hung up on me. It was such fun. I suggest every body do it.

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